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Texas Landscape Design

Texas landscape design certainly corresponds to the homeowner's modern needs. People want environmentally friendly solutions, elegant landscaping and practical gardening, all these while relying on native plants, shrubs and grasses. Given the fact that this sunny state has a predominantly dry climate all year round, the drought-like conditions make Texas landscape design difficult for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. We should also make the mention that some parts of Texas enjoy lush forests and grassy plain which green and abundant all year round.

For dry, warm weather, lots of property owners prefer to leave Texas landscape design to  professionals. They have the knowledge, the skills and the equipment to arrange any front and back yard artistically and elegantly. With Texas landscape design you will often come across the concept of xeriscape: which means 'desert landscaping'. However, don't picture your property looking brownish and dull with some cacti growing here and there.

The idea of xeriscape has evolved a lot over the years and now, experts can accomplish so much with a good irrigation system and enough mulch. Whether you live in a drier part of Texas or in some greener area, you should design your landscape using native plants that are drought tolerant and show resistance to weather changes. There are numerous hardy grasses and drought resistant plants and flowers that will give color and fragrance to your living space. This holds valid for the humid Rio Grande valley region, for the tornado-prone Red River valley as well as for the dry El Paso area.

Rocks are also part of basic Texas landscape design, but you should not overdo. Too much stone can be counterproductive for your landscape because of heat accumulation, which would also have an impact on the ecosystem around. The desert-like feel can be eradicated due to the addition of water features in the gardens. This takes a lot of work and much money, but lots of Texans consider water gardens worth paying for, to keep the desert away from their property. Fountains, swimming pools, reflective ponds and birdbaths are possible options.

Shade features also have a tremendous importance for Texas landscape design. You can create shade not necessarily by planting trees, but by rather using vines and other plants that grow tall, look good and become shady in time. Gazebos, pavilions and pergolas are other simple ways of maximizing the outdoor living space and increasing the visual impact of the landscape.