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Snapper Riding Lawn Mower

 Snapper Lawn Tractor

 snapper lawn tractor

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Snapper has the right riding lawn mower for all your serious yard work. The Snapper 7800545 LT130 AWS Series riding lawn mowers are the best choice for most homeowners. This line of mowers will make short work of tall grass.

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The Snapper riding lawn mower has a powerful Briggs & Stratton 23-gross-horsepower V twin engine. This "extended life series" engine will provide long engine life along with quiet operation. The all wheel steer riding lawn mower provides optimum maneuverability and efficiency.  The single foot control allows for easy direction changes without moving your foot.  The front and rear wheels move together to cut along landscaping, reducing trimming time and providing professional results. The increased maneuverability also reduces the turf damage that traditional tractors can cause.

This is a very comfortable mower that is easy to operate with its adjustable seat, ergonomic steering wheel and cupholders. With the single-pedal control you are able to go from forward to reverse without moving your foot. The convenient push button, located on the dash, allows you to engage the blade and easily set the cruise control. You can also change the height of cut with the fender-mounted lever and select from six cutting heights. The Snapper riding lawn mower has a generous 46 inch cutting width allowing you to finish cutting your lawn in a shorter amount of time.

It is constructed of steel with a cast iron front axle. This is a great mower for properties with larger and more open grass areas. It cuts the grass evenly and will mulch the lawn clippings as you are mowing. The lawn clippings are returned to the lawn as fertilizer giving you a greener lawn that is more resistant during the dry season.

The 7800545 LT130 AWS series Snapper riding lawn mower has two 16 inch blades and a three gallon fuel capacity. The mid-mounted cutting deck allows a shorter distance for the clippings to go making collection easy. There is a good weight distribution between the front and rear axles giving it improved stability.

This is what will arrive from the Manufacturer:
The all wheel steer Snapper riding lawn mower and manual. The mower consists of a 23 HP Briggs & Stratton ELS twin engine, spin on oil filter, advanced debris management system, extended life filtration system, full pressure lubrication, 46-inch deep-profile mower deck, 2 gauge wheels, quick-response all-wheel steering, cruise control, electric blade engagement, reverse mowing option, pivoting cast Iron front axle, large 20-inch rear wheels.

This model is everything you would expect from a Snapper riding lawn mower. It delivers an even cut and has a powerful engine. It makes any homeowner look like a pro landscaper resulting in a well maintained and perfect yard.  It comes with a two year limited warranty. With proper maintenance, it should give any owner many years of service. For premium performance and quality results, the Snapper riding lawn mower is clearly the best buy in its price range.

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