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Shade Landscaping

While trees are a gorgeous addition to any home by adding needed shade for hot summer days, creating great aesthetics, and so on, there is one thing that you need to consider – shade landscaping.

The fact is that trees that create a tremendous amount of shade often create bare spots in the grass and because of droppings from the trees, they can be messy. Therefore, it is important to choose the right species for green tree landscaping.

We will start with landscaping around trees. Because an abundance of shade can kill off some types of grass, you might consider planting special seed where the shade would hit to ensure the lawn remains green and beautiful. A gardening center or nursery can provide you with guidance in choosing the right type of grass seed, as well as any special growing instructions.

Green Tree Landscaping

Another consideration for green tree landscaping is the overall appearance. Trees that are too large can make a home look small and unbalanced while smaller trees for a large piece of property do not look good. Experts suggest that homeowners, especially those who are landscaping, choose one shade tree for the shade and appearance. In addition, a large leaf tree such as oak or maple can actually help block out street noise.

If you prefer smaller shade landscaping, then think about trees that can be planted closer to the home to cast a shadow on a particular window or area of the house that would help cool it and actually cut back on electricity use. The goal with any green tree landscaping is choosing the right trees, those that will actually enhance or improve the appearance of the home.

When green tree landscaping is planted right, it can actually work by accentuating a home’s lines. This means the look of the home can be balanced out and even a sense of dignity can be created. Then, depending on the type of shade landscaping chosen, some will even complement the color of the home with beautiful leaves of changing colors and textures.

Landscaping Around Trees

As mentioned, landscaping around trees will change with the season. As trees begin to drop leaves in the fall, some are easy to keep up with and others are quite difficult. For instance, a walnut tree is beautiful but unless you want to deal with green, round walnuts littering the grass, you probably want to choose something different. Another example would be a pine, which is also beautiful but the amount of needles that end up on the grass can be a lot of work to keep clean.

One of the best choices for green tree landscaping is for a larger yard, create a foreground, middle portion, and background in the overall design. The background area would be the larger, taller trees, with an irregular shape and texture. Then in the middle, you want to consider medium trees or even larger shrubs, preferably those with varying color and blooms with each season. Finally, the foreground would be the smaller shrubs and bushes, along with flowering beds. A landscape design such as this is aesthetically pleasing while adding value to the home.