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Outdoor Security Lighting

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of homeowners using outdoor security lighting. With this, lighting is used to illuminate the home, concentrating on specific areas most

vulnerable to intrusion. The primary goal of outdoor security lighting is to scare away intruders, keeping people inside safe. Some homes have dark areas and therefore, easy hiding spots for people with bad intentions. With outdoor security lighting, these areas are lit up, making the home a safer place. Of course, you would need to look at your particular home to determine the right placement of the lights.

Many homeowners use outdoor security lighting as an addition to other security systems, such as motion detectors and security cameras. If the homeowner does not want the light fixture to be noticed during the day or when they have visitors to the home, the outdoor security light may be set away from eye level or placed under the roof of the home in such a way that the lighting is unnoticeable. When turned on, many of these lights will illuminate a large area of the yard, reducing the dark places around doors and windows that may provide entry for a criminal during the night.

How To Use Outdoor Security Lighting

Again, the most common option is a large outdoor security lighting system so the majority of the house of yard can be illuminated. One of the benefits with this option is that you only need one light system and not several individual lights. However, the goal is to install the lighting so it angles to allow the light to spread out over the most area possible. The best places for outdoor security lighting would include up high on walls or even underneath gutters so the light is spread out from an above position.

An outdoor security light can also be used at ground level to either be focused on a single area or placed at different angles to provide illumination in several different directions. The lights that are used close to the ground can be camouflaged by plants or bushes in the yard or left out in plain view as a decorative statement. There are several different styles of outdoor security light that can be used for illuminating the yard from the ground up and the style that is chosen will depend on how the homeowner would like their yard to look.

One consideration is that outdoor security lighting installed on the ground is typically not as bright as lights placed high. If you decide to go with the higher installation placement, you may find that you have to adjust the angle several times to find the one that will work best. The installation of outdoor security lighting is simple, only requiring a light switch inside the home. However, if you want the lighting system to turn on automatically, you could go with motion sensors or have the lights put on a timer.