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Outdoor Post Lamp

If you don’t have exterior landscape lighting or outdoor flood lights you don’t know what you’re missing because the area will just fall away into darkness. Place exterior wall lights, outdoor post mount lights

and landscape lighting around your yard in such a way that it helps draw your eye back into the garden space.

Adding more spendor to your outdoor environment (made in stainless steel to be rust proof) a lantern style outdoor light adds a timeless touch as it lights the way.

An outdoor post lamp is the perfect stately accent to guide your guests from the street up to your front door. Pier Mount Adapters will allow you to install your outdoor post lamp on a raised surface like a wall or column. Posts of all styles and finishes to match the finish of your outdoor post lamps.

As people become more aware of the value of outdoor living and are more interested in their patios lawns and gardens, they have become very interested in having them well lighted.

For example you can accentuate and illuminate your garden and landscape with an antique bronze New England style post lamp. This is aslo perfect for driveways. It's classic design will add both beauty and security to your walk way, driveway or garden A good outdoor post lamp features all metal construction with vandal proof Lexan lenses, extra large light panel and a Super Bright 1 watt white LED bulb.


Prepare yourself for the look, the style, and the experience that the delightful One Light Outdoor Portable Post Lamp will bring your home. It's classic design will add both beauty and security to your walk way, driveway or garden the outdoor post lamp features all metal construction.

So if you're looking to accent your home and garden, and could use a little extra security, accomplish both with an outdoor post lamp