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Outdoor Motion Sensors

Outdoor motion sensors, and those which detect occupants moving around at night, are just the things that keep the us all awake.

Outdoor motion sensors can detect visitors and switch TVs to the corresponding camera channel. Outdoor motion sensors also are helpful if you come home after dark and need light to find the keyhole.

Whenever strategically placed outdoor motion sensors detect that an intruder has stepped into the yard at night, they signal the security system to pop on a few exterior lights to scare the unwanted visitor away. You?ll never have to walk in the dark again with outdoor motion sensors.

Outdoor motion sensors to let you know when someone is approaching your house or driving down your driveway. Similarly, there's a movement toward outdoor motion sensors which are great for porches, garages and places you don't frequent. Operation Outdoor Motion Sensors EW sensors operate at line voltage and can be mounted onto a standard, outdoor junction box.

 Replacement tips Cut back on energy costs with outdoor motion sensors and timers, and inside, create different moods with easily installed indoor dimmer switches. Outdoor lighting fixtures should have timers, outdoor motion sensors, and photocells so the lights will turn off and on automatically. Additional components include: Door/window sensors Door/window sensor adapters Glass break sensors Indoor motion sensors Outdoor motion sensors Smoke sensors Carbon monoxide sensors Remote sirens Touchpad remotes Keychain remotes Appliance modules Lighting modules Light switch modules The photographs above show some of the additional components that can be added. Use outdoor motion sensors, and when motion is detected:Turn on outside light if it's dark. Wireless outdoor motion sensors could remain active while other specific energy consumers could be dimmed.


A convenient way to control lighting at night is utilizing outdoor motion sensors on your lighting circuits. You want exterior lighting that stays on during crucial times for both front and back doors, cautions Heinrichs. Good lighting design and planning can have both practical and dramatic effects in your home. Outdoor lighting with motion sensing capabilities built in gives homeowners the opportunity to monitor chosen exterior areas around home and property. Built in motion sensors built to last in all weather and harsh conditions.