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Outdoor Motion Lights

The other night we were at a friends house and they had outdoor motion lights that would come on and go off anytime between 15 seconds and 15 min.

Intruders won't know if you are home and watching or not with motion sensors that turn your lights on. Use sensors for flood lights, indoor lamps, porch lights and more. You can also discuss with a dealer the different types of motion sensors lenses and their effectiveness when it comes to using passive infrared motion detectors. Some lenses offer better overall coverage of an area.

Motion detectors or motion sensor lights are usually used outside homes or businesses as a means of security to ward off those who are not wanted on the property. These systems can also be used to welcome those who might arrive at night and not be able to see the front door.

The sensor comes equipped with two adjustable settings: day/night or night only and one or 10 minutes. The motion sensor then simply controls the coil of the relay; the power source and load are connected to the common and normally open contacts of the relay, respectively. If you do not need to have the light on a lot and have a way of running a wire from your basement to an outside wall with solar exposure, you might consider using a solar-powered, motion-activated security light. For example, infrared motion detectors have a sensor that detects infrared radiation produces by humans. This is just an example, as many other technologies are used to detect movement.

Save That Energy

On top of energy saving light bulbs and light fixtures, home and business owners are encouraged to consider installing motion sensors on all their exterior lights. Motion sensors can ensure that your outdoor lights are off the vast majority of the time and yet turn them on the instant they are needed. Improve your home security with an easy to install motion sensor. Lighting will help you deter intruders and prevent crime.

There are many outdoor sensor security lights available. You can go online and look for the perfect one for your home. Standard outdoor motion sensors has a 180 degree, 30 foot range. Most designs also come with the two-level lighting feature, which brightens the light output from the light when motion is detected.

A 240 degree wide angle motion sensor helps cover up to a 100 foot detection range. You may adjust the light timer from 1, 5 or 20 minutes. But if you don't have motion sensor lights you're not getting all the security you need. Installing them is easy-especially if you're converting an existing fixture (that's always either on or off) into a light that's smart enough to react to movement and perhaps is even is timed. I installed the light just above a gate to my yard which adds a touch of security with the motion sensor feature. Installation was very simple (less than 10 minutes) and the 14-foot cable between the light and the solar panel gave me a lot of flexibility.

This light features a 10 Watt \/ 6V halogen bulb with PIR (passive infra-red) motion sensor. The motion sensor and the light are fully adjustable. It also has an adjustable swivel head and sensor and a large diffused 30 Watt halogen light to light large spaces. The Solar Motion Light includes a 15 foot cable that allows the solar panel charging unit to remain outside, and still have the option to use the light indoors. If you don't have electricity in the location where you want to place your floodlight, you can use a battery operated Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor . This eliminates electricity costs and gives you the ability to place the light where you need it.