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Outdoor Landscape Plants

Research the proper outdoor landscape plants for your area before planting to insure their long lasting beauty. Some areas experience the change of seasons from very hot and dry summers to freezing winters. It is important to choose plants that can survive these extremes.  


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  • Aloe Vera Plant
    Used by hundreds of people globally, the aloe vera plant is well known in many households across the globe.
  • Carnivorous Plants
    There are five unique types of carnivorous plants. The well known type, the same family that the Venus Flytrap contains, is the snap trap family.
  • Bean Plant Growth
    If you are planning a garden, knowing the full cycle of bean plant growth can allow you to maximize the bean growing season, optimizing the amount of beans you get for the effort that you invest in.
  • Landscaping Plants
    Landscaping plants are very important. Before you start setting up your garden, you need to determine what types of plants are suitable for it.
  • Desert Willow
    The Desert Willow isn't an actual Willow. In reality it's part of the Begonia family. In fact, it's the only type of Bigonia that grows in California.
  • Flowering Plant Identification
    Flowering plant identification is among the easiest types to learn. As you have the ability to see the plant's leaves as well as the flowers it has, you have a much higher chance of making a positive identification than if it is a plant that does not flower.
  • Identifying House Plants
    There are many methods that you can use in identifying house plants.
  • Herbal Medicine Plants
    Tending to your own herbal medicine plants is as easy as caring for any other plant.
  • Bamboo Plants
    Unlike many would believe, bamboo plants are not trees. In fact, they are evergreen grasses. These grasses are divided into 91 unique genera, with over 1,000 specific plants currently known.
  • Desert Plant
    Ever wonder how a desert plant survives in such a harsh environment?
  • Plant Creepers
    These plant creepers are a part of the plant's natural reproductive phase, an ability that permits them to grow new, independent plants.
  • Sahara Desert Plants
    The Sahara Desert is often considered bereft of life. But enough Sahara desert plants exist to make this thought untrue.
  • Indoor Tropical Plants
    Commonly found in homes across the world, indoor tropical plants are one of the small pleasures people seek out for their homes or office.
  • Desert Plants
    While the harsh the desert may seem, there are broad types of desert plants that survive in arid conditions.
  • Coca Plant
    The coca plant is one of the commonly misunderstood plants currently being grown and harvested. Most commonly known for being the plant which cocaine is derived from, it has the stereotype of being a dangerous plant.
  • Plant Life Cycle
    A plant life cycle diagram can help you in learning when your plant may flower, when you can breed your plant,
  • Plant Encyclopedia
    A good plant encyclopedia categorizes information on each type of plant it documents. One important aspect is how the plants are named.
  • Common Plant Names
    Knowing the common plant names isn't enough to ensure that you will be able to keep them in your indoor or outdoor garden.
  • Life Cycle Of The Bean Plant
    The life cycle of the bean plant is vital for those who are planning on sprouting or harvesting beans for consumption.
  • Nursery Plants
    However, just one visit to your local garden center revealed to you that there are many choices, so you need some advice when it comes to choosing the right nursery plants wholesale.
  • Desert Landscaping Plants
    Whether living in Arizona, California, or Nevada, many people are discovering the joy of using desert landscapiing plants
  • Transplanting Plants
    When it comes to transplanting plants, the best time of year is during the spring, while the plants, trees, or shrubs are still dormant
  • Transplanting Flowers
    You may have some flowers that has outgrown its current residence or you may need to thin out another, whatever the reason for transplanting flowers, care needs to be taken.