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Malibu Landscape Light


Landscape lighting can be functional as well as add a bit of drama to your yard and garden, although it is often added as an afterthought or forgot about altogether.



Some may think they would have to spend a lot of money to purchase a system and then have a professional install it for them. You may be surprised to discover how inexpensive and simple it is to install a Malibu landscape light system and how much it increases the value of your home.


There are various ways to layout your easy to install Malibu landscape light system.  There is up-lighting and down-lighting. You can lay it out along your driveway to direct visitors to your door.  There are motion lights that light up suddenly to scare away any unwanted intruders. A Malibu Landscape light light system will add drama to your pool as the lights at night shimmer on the water.


The Malibu landscape light system is available in low voltage and also solar powered.  There are timers available with most of the Malibu lighting packages.  Timers and motion activated lighting can also provide security.  While you are out of town your landscape will light up automatically as if someone was at home. 


A Malibu landscape light system is available in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes to fit into any home design.  From bullet lights to antique looking sconces and hanging lanterns the choice is quite vast.  You can buy them in sets of six or more and they come complete with everything you will need to quickly install them yourself. In minutes you will have a beautifully accented yard, garden, or pool. The first time you drive up to your home at night after installation you will be amazed at the dramatic difference it makes on your landscape.



These lights are long lasting, weather and moisture proof.  If one of the lights were to be damaged in some they are easy to replace and parts can be found locally or on-line.


A Malibu landscape light system is available at most local home improvement centers where they commonly go on sale. You can also look on-line where they may offer free shipping.  It is always advisable to shop around and compare prices.  You can also ask a friend or neighbor who may have recently installed their own landscape lighting.