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Making A Japanese Garden

The most beautiful garden design in the world is by making a Japanese garden. Known around the world for using Japanese garden fences, fountains, bamboo landscaping, small bridges, benches, and beautiful

plants, these gardens are simply breathtaking. In Japan, the Japanese garden evokes a place of peace and tranquility, often designed with a teahouse where people can sit back and bring harmony to the mind and spirit.

Bamboo Landscaping

Most people think that making a Japanese garden is complicated but in truth, it does not have to be. With this option, you can go all out with all the various aspects of the garden or choose just one feature you like most, focusing on that. For instance, some people will choose bamboo landscaping, which is simply gorgeous. Bamboo is now available at most large gardening centers and with a little creativity, along with a good concept of making a Japanese garden, the complete look would be perfect.

There are actually three different concepts in making a Japanese garden, which include:

• Tsukiyama – This translates to “constructed mountain” and is generally designed with hills and contours. The most common of the three, this garden is often designed with shrubs, plants, and some type of water such as a pond or stream. Included would be a Japanese temple or house, as well as Japanese garden fences. To create this type of garden, the goal is to make the overall garden seen from a variety of vantage points.
• Karensansui – This translates to “dry garden”, which is often associated with Zen. Making a Japanese garden of this type involves using dry elements such as sand and rocks. The sand is raked in certain patterns that symbolize waves of water. In some cases, a dry garden will have a bench, bush, or bridge.

• Chaniwa – Dating back to the 14th century, this type of garden is simply stunning, featuring a winding pathway made from stepping stones that lead to a secluded teahouse or room, known as a Chaniwa. As a part of the teahouse is a stone water basin for washing of the hands.

Japanese Garden Fences

Regardless of the type of garden that best suits your personal preference, making a Japanese garden is all about harmony and balance, as well as using the right components. Again, some gardens will use Japanese garden fences, which are traditionally made from bamboo, or other bamboo landscaping items. The entire goal is to create an outdoor space where you can slip away after a busy day at work or school, to unwind and get back into balance with nature.

The Japanese garden has been around for centuries, usually associated with Buddhist beliefs. However, making a Japanese garden today does not have to have a religious connection. Simply because these gardens are so beautiful and unique, many people are turning away from the traditional type of garden, choosing to use bamboo landscaping options instead. With the completed garden, you will actually find yourself coming to a place within the mind of peace.