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What You Need To Know About Landscaping Plants

Landscaping plants are very important. Before you start setting up your garden, you need to determine what types of plants are suitable for it. You need to observe harmony and balance in your garden, so you cannot just use any plants you fancy. To help you choose the right type of landscaping plants for you, here are some tips.

Landscaping Plants -Perennial Flowering Plants

When it comes to gardens, perennial flowing plants are always winners. These pants can live for several years, so you need not replant them so often. What is really more interesting about these types of plants is that they require less maintenance compared most other types of landscaping plants. In fact, this type of plant can survive on just minimal amount of water. Since these types of plants are quite strong, they do not require constant application of fertilizer and pesticides. Planting perennial flowering plants in your garden will ensure that you have seasonal burst of lovely colors each year.

Most of these types of plants often take about one to two years before they bear flowers. Unlike when you plant those annual plants which bears flowers within the year of planting it, you may have to wait for a long time before you can hope to see some flowers from your perennials. Actually, this long wait for the landscaping plants to bear flowers is just a small price that you have to pay for the seasonal blooms that you will enjoy in the future.

Annual Plants

If you are in a hurry to bring some colors into your garden, you should buy what gardeners call the "annual landscaping plants". These so called "annual landscaping plants" are usually planted during the spring and bear flowers within a short period of time after planting. Plants like cosmos and coreopsis are some of the annual plants that are very easy to grow. These types of plants also reseed themselves. This means that if you want to plant more of these types of flowers, you can just gather their seeds and then plant the seeds somewhere else.

However, the downside about planting annual landscaping plants is that these types of plants have very short life span and they do not survive the frost. During the summer, the intense heat can also kill these types of plants. If you use these types of plants in your landscaping, be prepared to replant them ever so often.