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What Are The Easiest Ways To Advertise A New Landscaping Business?

Advertising may sound like an expensive proposition for your new, landscaping business, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Now you needn’t spend too much for advertising your new, landscaping business because there are a number of cost-effective ways to do so. If you are truly committed to making your landscaping business profitable and searching for advertising ideas to make it so, consider these tips.

Define your targets - as they are the soul of your business. Do you know who and where they are; what are their specific needs; are the targets homes or businesses? Clear answers to these important questions will help you to come up with convincing advertisements. The best way to know who your targets are is to analyze the feedback that your own customers give you, or to run a survey in the areas you wish to serve.

Keep ahead above the competition - by collecting critical data on the competition, specifically the breadth of their services; their tariffs; seasonal discount offers; service benefits; types of equipment; weak points; etc. In this manner, you’ll be able to fine tune, amend or change your existing strategies; come up with better or more competitive prices; and design more appealing advertisements and other publicity materials, etc. A good idea to get some information on competitors is to study their current company and product brochures; flyers; direct mail ads; etc., which will help you, gain a better picture about them, and what they offer or claim.

Create convincing ads - that stick to the point; have a clear story to tell; contain high-lighted benefits; some colored pictures of recent landscape projects done; and complete contact information. However, do not discount the importance of direct mail ads, flyers and business cards as these can be used effectively for your potential target groups wherever they are located. What’s more, by circulating these items, you can also receive useful feedback from your potential customers in addition to that gleaned from your existing customers. What’s important, however, is to have sufficient quantities of each item, so that you can cover a larger area and more potential customers when circulating them.

Facilitate easy contact - by making sure to have your cell phone number in a conspicuous place on all advertising material of your landscaping business. In this manner, clients and prospective customers will find it easy and convenient to contact you at office or outside it.