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Landscape Maintenance Equipment

A garage can easily get cluttered with all the various landscape maintenance equipment needed to keep a landscape healthy, clean, safe, attractive, and well manicured. But do you really need all those tools?

The home gardener really only needs one good spade, a square shovel, a large and small rake, a hoe and a large and small trowel. Of course if you have a lawn you will also need a good lawnmower and a weed-eater.

A good shovel should be at the top of your list of landscape maintenance equipment. A pointed shovel is referred to as a spade. This is needed for digging up weeds, planting a tree, and for turning over the dirt. A square shovel is used to make a path smooth and for snow removal.

Two rakes should be adequate, a large and small one. The smaller rake, maybe 6 to 8 inches wide is great for cleaning out the flower bed. A bigger rake will be needed to for the larger job of clearing leaves from the lawn.

Trowels come in large and small sizes as well. The hand trowel with its shorter handle is used for making smaller holes to accept smaller plants such as in a small flower bed. The trowel that has a longer handle would be used to carve out rows for planting a larger vegetable garden.

The home gardener would also need a set of shears and pruners. The shears would be for keep neatly trimmed hedges and bushes. The pruners are used for the larger job of cutting back the dead branches from fruit trees to allow new growth during the next growing season.

Another important piece of landscape maintenance equipment would be the wheelbarrow or wagon. These can aid in moving various plants, bushes, trees and rocks to the desired location. This tool, can be helpful in saving the user from back injury due to heavy lifting.

The lawnmower is a vital piece of landscape maintenance equipment. There are several types of mowers, which one you get depends on your needs. Do you have a large piece of property? If so you would need a ride-on lawnmower. If you just have a small side yard to mow a small push mower would do the job. Most people need an in between size power mower.
The power mowers are very versatile. They can be used for cutting the lawn, clearing brush, mulching, and even to pick up the leaves.