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Landscape Lighting Plan


To improve the appearance of a home while increasing the level of security, consider a landscape lighting plan. 



There are many options available, some that will illuminate a specific area, some that add ambience, some the boost security, and then lighting that spotlights a specific bush, tree, or flowerbed.  The first step when coming up with a landscape lighting plan is to look at the various lighting solutions.


For starters, there are bollards, which are usually no more than 42 inches tall.  The purpose of this landscape lighting plan is to illuminate a driveway, walkway, or steps.  With this, you and others coming to your home can walk safely to ensure there are no accidental trips or spills.  Bollards come in a variety of styles and materials to include fiberglass, concrete, cast iron, and cast aluminum.


Another consideration for your landscape lighting plan is with in ground lighting. Usually, these lights are installed so they are flush with the ground to make mowing possible. The great thing about in-ground lighting is that it can be installed just about anywhere to include grass and soil, as well as concrete. This type of lighting is great for creating mood or effect, producing soft illumination that enhances the appearance of the landscaping and home.



Bullets are another option to consider for a landscape lighting plan.  Bullet lighting is simply floodlights but they are shaped like a bullet.  This type of lighting can be mounted easily and it comes in a variety of lamp types.  For instance, bullet lighting can be used for both landscape illumination or for security lighting and with so many style options; they can enhance the overall look while doing their job.


One of the most popular options for a landscape lighting plan is solar lighting.  With this, there is no need for electricity, which means better versatility.  Solar lights are designed so they store the sun’s energy during the day and then when it becomes dark, they come on automatically.  With solar lighting, you could place them along a pathway, in front of a flowerbed, around a tree, or to illuminate a favorite bush.


The most important thing when looking at a landscape lighting plan is to consider the specific area or areas you want illuminated.  Often, people will have one particular tree that stands out, something unique and beautiful that can be shown off even at night, with the right type of lighting, the home takes on a wonderful look, making it gorgeous.  Of course, lighting also creates a better sense of security by illuminating the outside.  Therefore, you get the best of both worlds, a landscaped yard that can be shown off at night and a higher level of security.