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Landscape Fountains


By choosing a landscape patio design, you can transform the current look and functionality of your patio or deck.



This process does not have to be an expensive one to create the perfect look. Although patios were long considered just a simple extension of the home without much character and charm, today this part of the outdoors is getting tons of attention with borders, lighting, fountains, furniture, plants, stone, and more.


Without doubt, landscape fountains are an excellent way to create natural sound, produce serenity, and have a beautiful visual to enjoy.  Interestingly, you could choose to make your own fountain or shop for fountains from your local home improvement store.  Once the fountain is in place, the entire family will love what it brings.


For instance, an inexpensive way for creating landscape fountains is by using a whiskey barrel.  Then, a fountain pump is added, along with water and plants.  Within a matter of minutes, you could have a tranquil fountain as a part of your patio design.  You could also choose to buy landscape fountains, which come in floor standing or wall units.


One of the most popular types of wall fountains is the lions head.  This fountain comes in a variety of sizes and materials, which is then hung on the wall.  The benefit here is that if the patio does not have much space for a larger type of fountain, the wall space can be utilized.  This way, you get the sound of the water but without it being in the way.




There are also cascading landscape fountains, which are stunning.  These too come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes, giving you every possibility.  The interesting thing about a cascading waterfall fountain is that it produces a wonderful sound that is relaxing.  This creates a perfect place to sit back with a cup of coffee or a good book and enjoy your outdoor environment.


Remember that while you could go with an elaborate design, to enjoy the benefits, landscape fountains do not have to be grand.  In fact, many are simple and low maintenance.  The goal with any of the landscape fountains is to choose what enhances the design of the patio.  In other words, if you have a contemporary space, then you want a fountain that would blend.


Because there are so many options for landscape fountains, you know you will find one that wows you.  Along with the fountain, you could add a few plants, perhaps some new patio furniture, and ambience lighting to make the most of your outdoor space.