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Landscape Design Software


Rather than simply guess about your upcoming landscape project, you could invest in the best landscape design software to help you make the best choices.  



After all, when it comes to landscaping, the possibilities are endless.  Therefore, you need to determine your budget and then use software that can assist through each step of the process.  While there are many programs available, the key is to find the best landscape design software for your particular needs.


In this article, we wanted to provide you with a list of the best landscape design software worth investigating. 


  • Real Time Landscaping Plus 4.0 – What makes this one of the best landscape design software programs is the ease of use.  Although the program is not the most robust, it will allow you to see layouts with easy steps.  With this program, all you do is download models, placing them in various 3D layouts. 
  • Landscape Deck and Patio Designer 12 – This is rated as one of the best landscape design software programs because of the large selection of plans and the option of importing your own photographs, as well as 3D objects.  With this program, you could also excavate pits, build berms, and even determine the approximate cost of the project. 
  • Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer 8.0 – Although this program requires a little time and effort to use, it is well worth it.  Even with fewer library items than other programs, this one offers a good selection of bushes, tulips, trees, trellises, and other things needed to create a gorgeous landscape. 

  • Turbo Floor Plan Landscape and Design 12 – Another of the best landscape design software program, this is easy to use and while somewhat basic, it is great for the average homeowner who wants some ideas for creating a beautiful landscape. 
  • Imagine Pro 7 – This is an affordable landscape software solution that is super easy to use. For this program, you would upload your own photographs and then using the built-in tutorials use the various tools and features to create a plan. The library offers a nice variety of plants, each for a different bloom season, growth rate, size, watering needs, and more. Therefore, while you create the landscape layout, you also learn.
  • Total 3D Home and Landscape Design Suite 9 – Finally, this is yet another best landscape design software option that uses 3D. Outlines and plans can be created quickly and easily, using a number of plant choices so the design is realistic and achievable.