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Koi Water Garden

Bring more beauty to the outdoors with the natural sound of flowing water and beautiful koi fish in a tranquil Koi water garden.

Beauty and peace fill the landscape of a koi water garden garden and bamboo. A Koi water garden is an excellent stress reliever and watching the movements of the koi fish can help anyone relax. The brightly colored Japanese koi appeal to everyone, especially children. Koi fish come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They make especially exciting additions to ponds in the home. When a pond is expected to hold fish there are some features that need to be built into the Koi water garden design. Cedar and Redwood Bridges handcrafted for Koi garden ponds are also nice additions.

Homeowners who install a koi water garden in their back yard might view water gardens and koi ponds as interchangeable, but koi enthusiasts disagree. Koi are sensitive fish that need care and attention so make sure you have the time to do this. Some people build their own koi garden ponds to suit their preferences while others employ the help of experts. Sometimes the number of items needed to maintain a Koi water garden may overwhelm any new Koi breeder. What is important is you understand the role of each item for the proper maintenance of the Koi pond.

The first thing to do when thinking of building koi garden ponds is to look for the right location. You must remember that koi do not like direct sunlight and ponds under direct sunlight also gather more moss. This competes with the koi for oxygen in the water so it is better to have a shady area for the pond or to put water lilies with big leaves floating on the water to ensure shade. Koi can get sunburned, so will benefit from shade to part-shade conditions. Another thing to keep in mind when building a Koi garden pond is that Koi can grow rather large. You must give a great margin for their growth especially if you intend to keep them for a long time.

Koi is a special fish and they require specifically constructed koi garden ponds to keep them healthy and happy. Your pond has natural food sources available for your Koi. They are omnivorous, meaning they will eat a variety of foods, such as insects, worms, snails and plants. Koi are bottom feeders in the natural environment. They will root out any plants, upturn pots and tear apart foliage which in turn clogs filtration units and causes an unsightly koi garden pond.

 A Koi water garden need a good water pump to keep the water moving sufficiently enough to have no stagnant water. Dirty water will endanger the lives of the Koi, and even in a worst-case scenario, it will kill them. Koi garden ponds are very attractive to fishing birds like herons and egrets, who can eat a lot of koi in one sitting, so it is best to safeguard from them. Make the pond a little deeper than what wading birds can stand up in. The ideal koi water garden is much deeper than the average water garden, so the necessity for plants to help with water quality and shade is reduced. It is recommended that a Koi pond be large enough to hold at least a thousand gallons of water in order to keep the fish healthy.

Koi are hardy fish, relatively large in size, and the most practical way to keep them is in an outdoor pond. Koi grow rapidly under favorable conditions, reaching half their adult length in 24 months. Koi grow to 36" in desirable conditions. Koi can be costly to purchase and can jump out of a small pond. Koi fish are claimed to have reached 2 meters (6 feet) in length, and the oldest to have reached the age of 230 years, passed down from generation to generation.