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Juniper Bonsai Care: Tips and Hints

So you don’t care about ficus bonsai care because you know that it is the juniper tree that you love and which you want to train bonsai. If this is the case, then you are going to need to make yourself informed on juniper bonsai care, and the different tips and hints that are going to make sure that your tree grows strong and healthy.

Bonsai Care Ideas

The first great tip for juniper bonsai care is to make sure that it gets lots of bright light. When it comes to the topic of juniper bonsai care, this is perhaps one of the most important of all because if this tree does not get enough light, it is going to wither and be unhealthy. You should be making sure that your tree receives at least four hours of direct sunlight every day, and chances are that you will find a number of nurseries that offer the juniper trees but if you order it online for instance, make sure that they give it lots of sun before sending to you.

When it comes to caring for the juniper tree bonsai style and pruning is what you are interested in, know that for pruning this is something that is going to be best when done in the spring and summer.

You really want to turn your tree into a work of art, and when you are pruning you want to pinch back to about one-half inch using your fingers and thumb. You can always get a professional bonsai planter to help you out with this for the first time if you are nervous.

Just as with other types of bonsai trees, repotting is of course a major issue when it comes to juniper bonsai care. You want to repot the juniper tree in early spring, and probably after about two or three years. You don’t even have to get a new pot but repotting is important because it ensures that the soil is new and fresh and that the plant is going to be getting all the nutrition that they need.

There are so many different issues that you need to be concerned with and educated on when it comes to juniper bonsai care, so make sure that you are willing to spend the time learning about how to care for a juniper bonsai before going ahead and getting one for yourself. This is not like looking after any regular tree, so keep that in mind.