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Japanese Garden Lantern

 If you enjoy the delicate and natural simplicity inherent in Japanese gardens, there are many ways to bring that calming feeling to your own home or garden.

From bonsai trees, Buddha statures, and stone lanterns to rice-paper wall hangings, tea sets, and other associated items, you can find the calming elements of the Japanese garden .

Basic elements of Japanese gardens go a long way toward achieving this effect. It's possible to build your Japanese garden simply and inexpensively so you can look forward to a peaceful space soon.

Almost dreamlike, a Japanese garden lantern is reflected in a quiet koi pond. There may be some truth in the Japanese saying that a Japanese garden lantern will help you live in contentment for the rest of your life.

Japanese gardens, in particular, beautifully integrate nature and man's pursuit of peace and quiet reflection. Japanese lanterns add visual delight and dramatic garden focal points. Japanese Garden Lights bring tranquillity to your garden and peace to your body.

Japanese garden lights come in many shapes and sizes but probably the most popular and therapeutic is the wooden louvered lights. Japanese garden wooden lights have a louvered door at the front which allows you to place the candle within a glass tube on the inside.

A stone Carved Japanese lantern will give a warm glow to the garden, made from sand stone the lanterns are heavy and durable. Japanese garden lanterns are constructed from hand-poured cast stone for many years of durability, while much attention is given to the detailed hand finishing. These traditional Japanese lanterns are essential to give authenticity to a Japanese garden, and yet will grace any garden.
 Japanese Garden Lights bring tranquillity to your garden and peace to your body and mind. The essence of a Japanese garden can be set up almost anywhere--even indoors. Using simple, natural components, Japanese gardens--whether in Japan or Cleveland--offer a serenity much sought after in our exceedingly busy lives.

Creating a Japanese garden is an interesting project because the Japanese garden design depends on symbolism as much as it depends on plant elements.