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Japanese Garden Landscape

For a Japanese garden landscape design, you will find a list of specific items to consider. Now, some Japanese gardens are simplistic while others include everything that would be found in a traditional

Japanese landscape design. Therefore, the first thing you would need to do before shopping for the various types of Japanese garden supplies and materials is to determine the completed look you want.

Try making a drawing laying out exactly what you would like to have in your Japanese garden landscape. Draw in a strolling rock path leading past interestingly trimmed foliage, flowers and a stream. Consider a spot for a Japanese stone bench possibly near a small koi pond.

By adding a Japanese garden bridge you create safe passage through your exotic garden. At the heart of a Japanese garden is harmony with nature. Through the careful use of plants, stones, and water, areas of serene and quiet beauty emerge.

Depending on your taste or what fits into your garden you can choose from a stone or wood Japanese garden bridge. Your Japanese garden can have a real stream running through connecting one pond to another if you have the space. Some gardens use small smooth stones to create the illusion of a stream.

Now, there are also dry Japanese gardens in which case sand is raked into a swirl design that represents water. In the center of the sand is a rock or boulder, which is symbolic of an island. Even in this garden design, a Japanese garden bridge could be used to create the same appearance of having a bridge going over water.

After you have thoughtfully considered your Japanese garden design and how you would like it to reflect you, make a list of the items necessary to bring it to reality. Many items can be found online with free delivery.

Once you have added the bridge, you can look at other Japanese garden supplies to complete the overall look. Again, lanterns, statues, bamboo fences, deer chasers, waterfalls, pebbles, and stepping stones are all common, along with lots of beautiful flowers and plants. If you shop around online or even at your local home and garden center, chances are you will find a wonderful selection without spending a fortune.