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Ideas For Landscaping a Hill

You live in a hillside area, and as such you have not done much in the way of landscaping. In fact you are even afraid to mow the lawn for fear of tripping and falling down the side of the hill.

Thus, what you need to realize is no matter how steep the hill, you can always find ideas for landscaping a hill.

About Landscaping a Hill

The first thing that you need to think about when it comes to finding ideas for landscaping a hill is, understandably, the safety factor. If your hill is fairly steep (in that it is very hard to walk up it because of the angle) you will need to have professionals do the steep hillside landscaping.

If, however, the hill is just an area of your yard that you have been wanting to landscape but have not had any real ideas for it, then you can do the hillside landscaping yourself. Begin with a survey of the land itself and its location.

For example, if the hillside is in the front of your home, you can create an ornate landscaping design. First of all, evaluate the soil itself – is it arid? If so, be sure to purchase nutrient-rich soil before you begin. Next, you need to think about the plants that you would like to incorporate in your idea for landscaping.

The best ideas for landscaping a hill is to forgo plants and plant bushes instead. The reason for this is that bushes are hardy in many different kinds of weather, and only require minimal pruning during certain times of the year. The kinds of bushes that you should consider for the steep hillside landscaping project should ideally be ones that grow horizontally instead of vertically.

When you have selected the kinds of bushes that you want, the next step is to figure out the kind of pattern that you want them in. For that, you will not only have to calculate the amount of bushes you will need, but you will also have to calculate the area that you want to dig out for the bushes. The area can be any shape that you want, but a popular shape that many people choose is the square shape.

As for the design, you could place the bushes in a linear pattern, equally spaced so that they form the inside of the square like a checkerboard. Or, you could place the bushes in a spiral pattern. If you would like a more ornate pattern, you should discuss design ideas with a professional landscaper.

If you would like more information on ideas for landscaping a hill, simply go to your local bookstore and look at various gardening magazines. You can also ask for assistance at your local gardening center. You are sure to find the right steep hillside landscaping ideas with the proper research.