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Gardening Gloves For Protection While Gardening

Gardening gloves are arguably one of the most important elements of a gardener’s repertoire. Since, gardening wholly involves the use of one’s hands, gardening gloves provide much needed protection and added functionalities such as traction when using tools that are bound to slip if used bare handed.

Gardening gloves protect your hands from insect bites, chemical concoctions and pesticides as well as calluses caused by too much friction when using gardening tools. They also protect your skin from infections in the soil.

There are many types of gardening gloves in the market, each with it’s own set of benefits and drawbacks, but if you follow a set of standard guidelines when out buying your pair of gloves, you can own a set that will offer you the required protection as well as last you a long time.

The primary characteristic of gardening gloves that you need to look in to is the material it is made out of. Gardening gloves can be made out of rubber, leather, cotton and several others, and depending on the material will dictate the glove’s durability.

Leather gloves for instance can last you a very long time unlike cotton gloves which can wear out very quickly but earn top marks for breathability. Certain gloves combine both the toughness of leather and the texture of cotton to come up with gardening gloves that are both comfortable to wear and can last you a long time.
You can also decide on the length of your gloves – some of them finish at the wrist while some reach up to your elbows or end mid arm. There is no difference in the glove’s functionality in this respect – both are equally good and depend more on how comfortable it is to wear than on anything else.

The price of gardening gloves can vary depending on the material it Is made out of, where you buy them and mostly, the quality of the gloves. Gloves high on durability usually cost a lot more than those that o not last that long. If you do not carry out hardcore gardening for extensive periods of time, a light pair of gloves will be a lot less expensive than going for something which you need to pay more for but hardly use. You will need to gauge your gardening activity levels and purchase gardening gloves corresponding to your particular needs.

You can also make your gardening gloves last you a little beyond their average lifespan by carrying out a few simple steps such as brushing the dirt off after every use, washing the gloves occasionally and inter changing gloves between hands once in a while as one glove tends to wear faster than the other.