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Garden Landscape Design

Beautiful formal gardens will need constant care to maintain their clean design. Pruning and trimming occur almost every other day and cleanliness is one thing that is usually maintained for most formal

gardens. The garden landscape design for most formal gardens is usually quite simple and clean. Lines are defined and plants are seldom mixed together or if they are, they are usually the same variety with different colors. The garden landscape design is not necessarily stiff but it is usually well defined with straight lines and borders.

Borders And Pathways

These two are commonly included with garden landscape designs for many formal gardens. Borders can be created from a variety of materials including rocks, bricks or even a low row of shurbs. English garden landscape designs require a well defined border to separate the flora and fauna from the pathways and lawns. Formal gardens incorporate cleanly designed borders into their garden landscape design.

An inviting pathway is always required to get your guests from the house to the formal garden landscape design. Some pathways are geometric with sharp corners or can wind around the garden with soft curves. Commonly pathways are defined with rock, wood or brick. To make walking around your garden landscape design easier a beautifully planned pathway is needed.

Stone Structures

A stone, cement or rock feature such as a statue of waterful will finish the formal garden landscape design. Stone fountains or gazebos assembled out of cement or wood are a good example of some of these structures. Stone looks good in the garden landscape design as furniture, low benches or walls as well garden plot borders and steps. When creating a beautiful garden landscape design homeowners will consider rock such as slate, sandstone or marble.

A formal garden may include such features as waterfalls, streams, arbors and benches to complete the garden landscape design. These are perfect features to add to a formal garden.

Enlisting the help of a professional for your formal garden landscape design may be necessary. Most of these professionals have a vast knowledge of what consists of a formal garden as well as which plants go well with it.