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English Garden Hedges: Maintenance and Care

Most English gardeners enjoy the feel of nature in their gardens. This can be done by having many birds and animals create habitats in the garden by using a hedge as opposed to using a modern fence.

Garden hedges also maintain their foliage all year by absorbing the carbon dioxide in the environment and therefore becoming evergreen. Garden hedges are also used for enhancing privacy without having to build a fence. Most gardeners want a natural look and therefore the natural hedge emphasizes this even more.

In order to get the effect that is desired of a hedge, it needs to be trimmed and pruned as part of its maintenance on a regular basis. Other hedges maintain their leaves the whole year while others are known to shed during certain times of the year. In addition, other types of hedges maintain their green color for the entire year while others have different colored leaves in different times of the year giving a different feel every season.Other garden hedges become thicker with time as they develop fruits and berries during the year, which develop into other hedges from the bottom.

People have different ideas for the type of hedge they want for their English gardens.Some gardeners prefer a uniformed symmetrical feel to their hedges and therefore trim them into box shapes.This type of hedge requires more care and attention as edges will have to be trimmed every so often to maintain the aesthetic value of the hedge.Although most English gardeners prefer shrub hedges, others prefer hedges that have flowers on them namely a hedging rose. These make a garden more beautiful as the flowers come in different colors and can therefore add on to the color in a garden.To ensure that the rose flowers server their visual purpose, they should not be grown very tall or above eye level.

Many English gardeners have a formal and traditional look although modern gardens are now coming up and including differently colored flowers in their gardens. These flowered garden hedges can be used simply for beauty and they can also be used as shields and screens to enhance privacy.Most garden hedges have seasonal flowers shoot up near their roots and therefore room for them should be left in case they are being planted along a concrete area. To get the most desired appeal, gardeners can blend hedges with flowers or leaves of different colors and ensure that what they get is what they really wanted.