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Factors That Affect Choosing Your Garden Design

The design of the garden is something that relies solely on the preferences of the owner. Garden design has several factors which affect it.

The preferences of the owner are the primary things to consider when making designs for the garden. Many garden owners have a set garden design in mind for their garden and may need some help with tweaking it but they usually go for what they want. Some owners hire landscape architects for their garden design and go over several proposals before settling for one.

Garden Design -Size And Terrain Of The Garden

In garden design, the size of the area is one thing that is considered. Not all designs fit or coordinate with pocket gardens while some gardens designs are great only for larger areas. Most garden designs for larger gardens may include larger fixtures and plants that can really grow bog while smaller gardens can usually accommodate plants that grow slowly or need constant pruning and trimming. Homeowners who wish to do their own garden landscape design need to consider the total area that can be utilized for the garden before buying anything.

The terrain is another factor that can affect garden design. There are some designs for the garden that fit flat landscape while others are for rolling gardens. The terrain and lay of the land is something that you should bear in mind when designing your garden. Not only the lay of the land may need consideration but also the kind of soil needs to be thought of in garden design.

Water And Electric Sources

Many people use both water and electricity for their gardens. Garden design may be affected by where you get these utilities. Some garden owners prefer to have fixtures that need electricity closer to the house to prevent any mishaps while water sources for ponds, fountains and whatnot should not be too far to supply water.

Local Climate And Home Design

Many of the fixtures that one adds to a garden is dependent on the climate or weather of the area. Garden designs for a particular area may be affected if the area constantly rains or when winter occurs in the area. Greenhouses may be necessary or areas that are sheltered from elements during the rainy or cold months. Your garden design not only should fit the local climate but also the design of your home. Formal gardens usually have certain house designs that go well with it while cottage charm is great with a garden that is allowed to run wild a little.