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Free Landscape Design

Free landscape design software can be downloaded from numerous Internet websites. It enables people like you and me to draw landscaping plans and cover all the needs of arranging a property with lower costs. An alternative to working the landscaping plan on your own is to get free landscape design ideas with plans, tips, and step-by-step instructions for multiple tasks.

Thus you can find out how to identify the type of soil and the plants that best grow in it, how to create flower beds and plant the flowers, what colors to use and how to decorate. More information is available on lighting, pest control, fertilizers, tools and so on. Resourceful websites will provide something for everyone: you just have to know where to search for. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts will prefer to take up some free landscape design and work on their own from there.

Now, getting back to the idea of creating the landscaping plan yourself with the help of a software: that will take a bit more time and some serious knowledge on your part. Most free tools will not provide complexity of settings. In these terms, free landscape design simply means that you can create basic forms and layouts but without too much flexibility or details. The best thing about such programs is that they allow you to visualize the design, which means that you make an idea about what the garden will look like.

An example of free landscape design program is Virtual Garden Designer available with BBC. This is not a full service design program, it works as a nice tool to put your ideas in a viewable format and see what the garden will be like if you put these ideas into practice. With some free tools there are also upgrades available, but this time you pay for them. This means that in the free version you just get access to a limited number of features, while if you pay for it, the full program becomes available.

Google Sketch Up is another good example of free landscape design software worth mentioning here. It was created on the format of a professional program but in the most simplistic format. If you just need basic design, Google Sketch Up does a good job, allowing you to play around with your landscaping ideas on the computer. Besides the fact that the program is free, you still get decent job quality. Have a look for yourself!