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Energy Efficient Landscaping

All of us like to save money. With easy energy efficient landscaping you can save up to 30% or more on your energy bills. Just a few simple adjustments to your existing landscape or by careful planning of your new landscape you can create an energy saving home.

So what are some of these "easy" ideas? We have listed a few below that won't require the use of an expensive landscape architect.

What About the Sun?

You may live in the southern most part of the country where summer days are long, hot and very dry. On the other hand, you may live in the north where the winters are long, very cold and brutal and the days are short. The type of landscape you have surrounding your home can make a huge difference. You may need large shade trees to protect your home's walls from the sun's rays or you may want the sun to warm your home for as much of the day as possible.

Plant large, deciduous trees and evergreens on the south-west side of your home this will create a natural wall of protection from the sun's pounding rays. The deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the winter allowing the sun's warming rays to heat your home.

You will also want the warm rays of the sun to heat the hardscape surrounding your home this will also increase the heat levels inside the home.
Adding Protection from the Wind

A cold winter wind seeping into the home can rapidly cause a temperature drop. This will also be reflected in your next energy bill.

Ask your local nursery expert about using trees as wind breaks and which trees would be the best as well as fast growing. Some of the more sturdy walls or fences can also be excellent wind breaks.

Comfortable Home Temperatures

One of the most important ways comfortable home temperatures can be achieved is by making sure the attic, walls, windows and doors are properly insulated. Having double pained windows and gaskets around openings such as vents can also help.

By keeping up on home maintenance this will help decrease the possibility of giving away valuable warm or cool air.

Another way is with the energy efficient landscaping that includes thick shrubbery planted close to the home, but leaving a pocket of dead air creating a natural thermal space. Again, make use of your local nursery expert as to which type of shrubs would be the best and the proper amount of dead air space between the home and shrubs.

A properly maintained and landscaped home cannot only be attractive but practical. You will saving hundreds of dollars each year by making energy efficient landscaping a priority.