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Austin Landscape Design

Austin landscape design businesses have trained professionals who understand the unique regional challenges specific to this part of the United States. Due to creativity and great skills, Austin landscapers can create a low-maintenance landscape that you'll enjoy. In most cases people want something that looks good, but it is at the same time enduring and elegant. You can achieve these and much more by contacting a reliable landscaping business and discussing your ideas.

Experts who work in Austin landscape design are also familiar with the peculiarities of local soil and the successful planting of trees and shrubs. Other things you should look for are irrigation and drainage solutions as well as landscape lighting. Even if you prefer creating the Austin landscape design yourself, professional expertise is wanted due to the fact that you will most likely miss something if you are not familiar with the challenges of this occupation. And preparations begin with the drawing of the landscaping plans and they end with the final arrangements of the decoration items.

In the Austin area, rock and stone are very popular landscaping materials, and they are successfully used for both traditional and unconventional landscape design. Rock and stone work excellent for terraces, patios and walls as well as fire pits, walls, walkways and driveways. Granite, fieldstone, decomposed granite, flagstone, limestone and sandstone are just a few examples of the kind of rock preferred for many Austin landscape design projects. Rocks and stones give a unique touch to your property, enhancing the natural beauty of the environment.

Then, due to the warm, and often arid climate of Texas, you should seriously consider reliable irrigation solutions for your property in Austin. Landscape design professionals should be able to advise you on the type of irrigation systems and sprinklers you'll need for lawns, flower beds, trees and ground cover. Every irrigation system needs to be customized and adapted to the precise needs of the property so that the outdoor areas outside your house are balanced with maximum of effectiveness.

Austin landscape design projects also use lots of native plant species that have developed an excellent root system, requiring little maintenance and irrigation. This means that property owner can choose between two main directions here: traditional native plants, or specialized plants adapted for water gardens and high soil-moisture conditions. In the latter case, the garden will require a larger financial investment so as to design an irrigation and lighting system capable of compensating for the natural challenges specific to the Austin region.